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    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act provides for the granting of various rights relative to prospecting and mining of minerals, for environmental obligations related to mining operations and other duties of persons carrying out mining operations, and control of mining operations. “Minerals” is defined so as to exclude petroleum ,as defined in section 2 of the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act, and public and private water when used for a primary, secondary or tertiary use, as defined in the Water Act.

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    An Act to make further and better provision for the construction of fences dividing farms, for the apportionment of the cost thereof and for matters incidental thereto.

    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act regulates the construction and maintenance of fences dividing adjoining farms, i.e. pieces of land registered as a farm in the Deeds Registry. The owners of adjoining farms not divided by a sufficient fence or by some other feature which is capable of preventing the trespass of animals that should be impounded, shall be liable to contribute in equal proportions to the construction between those farms of a dividing fence.

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    An Act to provide for the establishment of tribal Land Boards: to vest tribal land in such boards; to define the powers and duties of such boards and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    The Act is divided into 13 Parts: Introductory (I); Land Boards (II); Application (IIa); Administration and appointment to land board service (IIb); Termination of Appointments and Retirements (IIc); Land Board Officers (IId); Offences and penalties (IIe); Land Board Service Commission (IIf); Grant of customary land rights (III); Grant of land rights under common law (IV); Land required for public purposes (V); Land Board Funds (VI); General (VII).There is established in respect of any tribe listed in the Fist Schedule a Land Board as a body corporate (sects. 3 and 9).

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