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    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act makes provision with respect to the recognition of tribes and certain matters regarding the administration of tribes, i.e. the institution of traditional leadership by a person designated by the tribe and recognized by the Minister.The Act, among other things, sets out the procedures for the designation and recognition of traditional leaders, provides for appeal against decisions of the Minister, defines the functions of traditional leaders, defines the jurisdiction of courts in matters of administration of tribes and defines regulation-making powers of the Minister.

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    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Order of the President made under section 19 of the Tribal Land Act, 1968, establishes the Subordinate Land Boards set out in the Schedule to this Order and defines the composition and functions of these Boards. These Boards shall have jurisdiction in their respective specified areas or villages. Functions shall be transferred from Subordinate Land Authorities to the Boards and include decision making regarding ploughing of land, grazing of cattle, and communal uses of land.

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