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    May, 2012

    This Decree consisting of 14 articles aims at determining the mandatory assets to be followed in order to assess the potential environmental effects of any proposed policy, plan, program, study, investment or organization affecting a Lebanese area or sector of activity in order to ensure that these projects are suitable for public health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources.

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    Lebanon, Western Asia

    This Decree consisting of 2 articles applies to all private property areas adjacent to the sea. It allows for the exploitation of the maritime public domain on condition that the government approves the nature of the proposed project and area sought for exploitation. Additionally, the Decree allows any resort owner to use three times the surface area of the resort plot to construct a marina, provided that requires that the marina builder owns all the plots of land the marina would be connected to. By principle, the maritime public domain remains for the use of everybody.

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    August, 2012
    Lebanon, Western Asia

    This Decree consisting of 17 articles divided in III Chapters aims at being a tool for predicting and mitigating adverse impacts in projects, describing the various measures that need to be considered in the preliminary Environmental Evaluation of any project. The Decree deals with all the requirements for screening, preparation of the environmental assessment and the supervision of the environmental assessment process including consultation and disclosure. Full authority at this regard is assigned to the Ministry of Environment.

  4. Library Resource
    Lebanon, Western Asia

    This Decree defines the public property boundaries of the irrigation channel in the region of Ain Saade. The applicant, for the transfer, should comply with determined actions such as the construction of a concrete drainage channel. This Decree is applicable only after the applicant guarantees the natural flow of water in the irrigation channel.

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