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    December, 2008

    This paper has two objectives. First, it analyzes the past research on deforestation and summarizes the findings of that research, in terms of its relevance to the development of future REDD regimes. Second, it highlights areas where future research and methodological development are needed to support national and international processes on avoided deforestation and degradation.

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    December, 2009

    Las respuestas más importantes al cambio climático se enfocan en la mitigación (reducción de la acumulación de gases causantes del efecto invernadero) en vez de centrarse en la adaptación (reducción de la vulnerabilidad de la sociedad y los ecosistemas). No obstante, puesto que actualmente se reconoce que cierto grado de cambio climático es inevitable, la adaptación está adquiriendo importancia en el ámbito de políticas.

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    December, 2002

    Scenario methods can be used to anticipate the future and expand the creativity of people thinking about complex forest management situations. This manual describes the use of scenarios with multiple stakeholders, with examples drawn from community-based forest management. Four classes of scenario methods are described: visions, projections, pathways and alternative scenarios. Examples of rapid participatory techniques relevant to scenario methods are also summarized.

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