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    Institutional & promotional materials
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    March, 2006

    Issue poster about Indigenous Peoples in Asia and their common experiences and issues.

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    The Quest for Knowledge, Recognition and Participation in Decision Making Processes

    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 2017

    Land is one of the terrains of struggle for most rural women in Africa because of its importance in sustaining rural livelihoods, and social-cultural and geopolitical factors that hinder women from enjoying land rights. Even when there are progressive land laws, as it is for Tanzania, women have not really enjoyed their rights. However, this has not stopped women to keep fighting for their land rights.  They have sought their own approaches by leveraging opportunities within traditional, religious, and formal systems standing for their rights. 

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    Reports & Research
    October, 2011

    TNRF, UCRT and Maliasili Initiatives have published, From Promise to Performance?: Wildlife Mangement Areas in Northern Tanzania.  The summary provides an overview of findings of two studies recently carried out by TNRF on the current status and performance of three WMAs in northern Tanzania, in Arusha and Manyara regions 

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    Reports & Research
    February, 2013

    This report springs from series of field visits.Its aim was, among others, to examine further the extent of human rights violations suffered by pastoralists in Kilombero and Rufiji valley during the evictions. It additionally makes recommendations including the need for lobbying against the State’s contempt of court orders

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    Preserving Rights to gain Benefits

    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2012

    This chapter addresses issues related to securing access and rights to resources, and gaining benefits from the resource within the context of one community-based initiative in the village of Ololosokwan in Tanzania.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    June, 2014
    Madagascar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Philippines

    This case study focuses on the capacity of local communities to monitor biodiversity and resources in Madagascar, Nicaragua, Philippines and Tanzania. It makes a controlled comparison between local community monitoring and trained scientists’ monitoring and conclude that local and indigenous communities generate similar and equally good outputs as the trained scientists, and are much more cost efficient. The cases suggest that it is fully possible to build a cheap and effective MRV system based on community monitoring of Non-Carbon Benefits

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2011
    Bangladesh, United States of America, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, Laos, United Kingdom, Guinea, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Asia, Oceania

    Land Tenure Working Paper 20. This paper presents an analysis of communal tenure and its role for natural resource management system, in different contexts of selected Asian countries. The current market driven pressures on natural resources create both challenges and opportunities for communities and governments to use and strengthen communal tenure in order to promote sustainable management of some natural resources.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2010
    Laos, Bangladesh, Malawi, Philippines, Vietnam, Mali, Guatemala, Africa

    Accroître l'accès des femmes à la terre est crucial pour lutter contre la faim et la pauvreté. Toutefois, les disparités entre les sexes concernant l'accès aux terres restent importantes dans la plupart des pays, quel que soit leur niveau de développement. Une nouvelle base de données de la FAO aide à comprendre les facteurs qui empêchent les femmes d'accéder à la terre, et à concevoir de meilleures politiques pour lutter efficacement contre cette situation.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2010
    Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Austria, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Netherlands, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Americas

    Documento de trabajo sobre la tenencia de la tierra 18. Presenta los principales temas para caracterizar la gobernanza en la tenencia de la tierra y analiza los aspectos relacionados con la evolución de las problemáticas de política agraria en los diferentes países de América Central. Además, ofrece algunos ejemplos y lecciones aprendidas derivadas de los nuevos modelos de administración y mecanismos de acceso a la tierra que los gobiernos centroamericanos y la cooperación internacional han promovido en los últimos quince años en la Región.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1995
    Portugal, Mali

    Aujourd'hui, prs de 30 ans aprs la publication de The tragedy, of the commons, l'exprience ngative de l'expropriation des ressources communautaires qu'ont faite les gouvernements a entran un rexamen du potentiel de la gestion collective; et la base de donnes sur les tentatives pratiques de rtablir ou de renforcer les systmes de gestion des ressources communautaires ne cesse d'augmenter. Le prsent numro d'Unasyva est ax sur ces deux aspects relatifs aux ressources forestires.

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