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    December, 2015

    The major citrus production of the world are located between 20-40 degrees north and south latitude. In these conditions the mandarins get the best internal and external qualities.‘Arrayana’ is the main mandarin cultivated in Colombia tropical lowlands (around 04° N). This variety is characterized by a high concentration of the harvest in december and january because it has only one principal bloom in the year (two weeks after onset of rainy season); and an average external quality that prevents it from being highly competitive.

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    December, 2014

    Acid sulfated soils are characterized by high amounts of iron and sulfur, which in presence of air are oxidized and form sulfuric horizons extremely acidic, generating environmental changes ranging from water pollution to problems associated with fertility and crop production, among others. This research was conducted in order to identify suitable plant species to control the acidity of these soils in the town of Paipa, Boyacá, Colombia. A completely randomized experimental design with 6 treatments and 3 replications was implemented in potting shed; there, the response of Beta vulgaris L.

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    December, 2012

    Soil deterioration in the Valle del Cesar has generated a gradual reduction of livestock in their productive response to pastures. That effect has been more intense in areas managed under a grass monoculture. As an alternative, an integration of agricultural, forest, and livestock production systems is proposed as an strategy for improving both environment preservation and production.

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