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    قرار رقم 3339 بقانون الملكية

    November, 1930

    This Resolution consists of 9 Sections divided into 270 articles. Section I deals with real estate. Sectiuon II provides for property. Section III concerns with easements. Section IV relates to mortgages. Section V pertains to privileges and enforcement. Section VI refers to endowments and leasing. Section VII deals with ownership rights. Section VIII refers to promise to sell and to choose. Section IX contains registration right in the Land Register.

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    Legislation & Policies
    July, 1930

    India Act XXX, 1930
    25th July, 1930.....
    "Whereas it is expedient to remove doubt, and to provide an uniform rule, as to the rights of a
    member of a Hindu undivided family in property acquiredby him by means of his learning ;
    It is hereby enacted as follow:-...

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