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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2010

    Large land acquisitions can have a deep, lasting e? ect on livelihoods, food security and the future of agriculture, so there is a need for strategic thinking, vigorous public debate and government responsiveness to public concerns, especially in recipient countries

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2010

    Soil erosion is considered to be one of the greatest environmental problems of sub-Saharan Africa. This paper investigates the advantages and disadvantages of modelling soil erosion at the continental scale and suggests an operational methodology for mapping and quantifying 10-daily water runoff and soil erosion over this scale using remote sensing data in a geographical information system framework.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2010

    Land is a natural resource that is valued for many reasons. Farmers utilize land to earn their livelihood and as a store of wealth for future retirement. Potential rural residents have increasingly sought open space for a home site and pursuit of a lifestyle. Developers seek financial opportunities to invest in and develop it for non-farm uses. Recreational needs such as hunting are often met through use of land. For some, land is viewed as an investment and a hedge against inflation.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    July, 2010

    El programa TERRENA (TERritorio Y REcursos NAturales), que Ingeniería Sin Fronteras desarrolla en la cuenca alta de Río Viejo (Nicaragua), tiene como objetivo reducir la vulnerabilidad en las áreas rurales empobrecidas, mediante la gestión integral y sostenible de recursos hídricos y del territorio, incluyendo la prevención y mitigación de riesgos de desastres, todo ello con un enfoque de cuenca hidrográfica.

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    January, 2010
    Vietnam, Asia

    This paper documents a Vietnam Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for the year 2007. The national SAM is based on newly estimated supply-use tables, national accounts, state budgets, and balance of payments. The SAM reconciles these data using cross-entropy estimation techniques. The final SAM is a detailed representation of Vietnam’s economy. It separates 63 activities and commodities; rural/urban labor by different education levels; and households by rural/urban areas and farm/nonfarm expenditure quintiles.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2010

    Megkülönböztetve egymástól a KAP és a birtokpolitikára vonatkozó közösségi jogi rendelkezéseket, arra a következtetésre jutok, hogy túlzás, illetve nem helytálló Tanka Endre megállapítása, mely szerint az uniós jog a birtokpolitikában „maga a politika”, „a tagállami jogalkotás annak végrehajtására szűkül”, és a birtokpolitikában a közösségi jog „a belső jogot csaknem kiszorítja”, hiszen a tagállam dönthet úgy, hogy semmilyen korlátozást nem léptet életbe a földpiacon, valamint a közösségi joggal összeegyeztetett igen szigorú, Tanka Endre szavaival élve értékalapú birtokpolitikát, polgári de

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