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    December, 2013

    Unstable weather conditions specific for the Republic of Moldova destabilize the agricultural products market. These and other features of modern agriculture make our society to face acute need for informatization, especially it concerns the agricultural producers (farmers) but also public authorities of all levels. The implementation of Agricultural Cadastre Information System, initiated successfully in our country, is a fundamental solution in this regard.

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    December, 2010

    In this article, some analysis models regarding land structure and productive capacity of the land fund are examined. Also, there were analyzed the influence of erosions degree and soil quality on the modification of the agricultural land efficiency. It was established that the productive potential of the land fund depends on climatic conditions, which determine the necessity to adjust agriculture to the peculiarities of different regions

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    December, 2011

    The article isfocused on the investigation ofland re-parceling through land leasemarket development in Moldova. First, it describes land lease market development in Moldova and its impact on land re-parceling. Second, it analyzes strategies adopted by the agricultural farms regarding the participation in land lease and reasons why people lease land. And finally, it examines the problems of lease term and lease payment.

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    December, 2016

    The paper analyzes the provision with spatial information and the mode of its use in rural municipalities. The purpose of this study is to examine the ensurance with spatial information about natural capital within the ATU. The study examines the content and issues faced by local authorities while collecting and managing spatial information . There are given some proposals on the development of the Information System of the locality.

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    December, 2010

    This article is investigating some relevant aspects considering structural
    changes of the land fund in the Republic of Moldova. Also it is considering the structure
    evolution of land fund along 2007-2009 years. The results of the research conclude that
    one of the most important rise components of efficient usage of land fund is spread of
    fertilizers according to settled standards by scientific research institutions. Economical
    efficacy using the land fund may be provided by supplying the agricultural enterprises with

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    February, 2018

    Arborii amplasați corespunzător în jurul zonelor construite pot reduce necesarul de energie electrică pentru climatizare cu până la 30% în timpul verii și cu 20-50% în timpul ier nii.

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    December, 2004

    Researches made in the most important part of protection plantations reforested on land degradation showed that the basic species is Pinus nigra and/ or Pinus silvestris replacing some stands with Hippophae associations. This stands have a fragile structure, not so good for protection functions. Sheltered regeneration and reforestation with local valuable species represents an efficient method for increasing the stability of stands in the reforestation of land degradation. In this way the degradation process was stopped and the vegetation was reinstalled.

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