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    Legislation & Policies
    January, 1955

    An Act to make provision authorizing the acquisition of property for public and other purposes, and for settling the amount of any compensation to be paid, or any matter in difference.

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    January, 2016

    This Act amends the Constitution of Zambia by repealing the Preamble and replacing Part I (Supremacy of the Constitution), Part II (National values, principles and economic policies), Part IV (Citizenship), Part V (Representation of the People). Parts from VI to XIV are also repealed and replaced. New Parts from XV to XX are inserted.

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    Angola, Africa, Middle Africa

    This Act establishes the basic framework for ownership, concession and use of agricultural land of the People's Republic of Angola. It consists of 7 chapters defining all the issues related with the land basic legislation, such as: General Provisions (Chap. 1); Land classification (2); Licensing (3); Transmission and rescission of land use right (4); Registration (5); Administration Powers (6); Final Provisions (7).

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    Cape Verde, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act regulates forestry activity. It consists of 14 Chapters specifying authorized activities to be performed by public and private entities in order to protect national forests. It also establishes national administration competencies and actions to be carried out by the Government of Cape Verde for managing forestry resources. Chapter I defines all sectors relative to forestry activity (i.e.

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    Cape Verde, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act defines national territory planning, town and country planning in compliance with article 186, point (b) and article 187, paragraph 2, point (e) of the Constitution. This Act is divided into 8 chapters establishing classifications and definitions of urban territories (Chap. I). It also establishes that national and municipal construction activities must respect the environment. Chapters II and III deal with legislative planning, building typologies, etc. Chapter IV deals with urban and non-urban soils, defining their use, etc.

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    Cape Verde, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act establishes the general bases of the Agricultural Reform. The first part deals with a historical view of Cape Verdean life illustrating the different and traditional ways of exploiting agriculture, livestock and all other resources. The Act establishes the bases for the organization and accomplishment of the agricultural reform.

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    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Proclamation provides rules for the administration and functioning of Addis Ababa City. The Proclamation defines the objectives, functions and powers of the city administration and provides with respect to its organization. It may, among other things, set and collect land use fees and royalties for the use of forest resources in the city and levy taxes on incomes from agricultural activities in the City. "Municipal service" shall include water and sewerage service, land development and management and sanitation. There shall be a Urban Land Clearance Appeals Commission.

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    Nigeria, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act provides for the administration of estates of persons that die intestate. When a person dies intestate leaving any real property of whatsoever nature of which the intestate might have disposed of by will, such real property shall for the purposes of ad ministration be deemed to be part of the personal estate of the said intestate and shall be administered accordingly.

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    Nigeria, Africa, Western Africa

    This Law provides with respect to inheritance and transfer of small estates (as defined). and provides that the Administration of Estate Law, Probate rules, or any other law or rules of court under which grant of Letters of Administration is required for payment of money from the estate of deceased persons shall cease to apply to small estates except as provided in this Law.

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    An Act to amend the Administration of Estates Act, 1965, so as to provide that various amounts of money referred to in the Act be prescribed; to increase the fines imposed under the Act; and to provide for incidental matters.

    Namibia, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act amends the Administration of Estates Act, 1965 so as to provide that amounts of money to be established for purposes of sections 18, 28, 30, 34 80, 90, 91, 93, 102 and 103 of the principal Act shall be prescribed by Regulation.

    Amends: Administration of Estates Act, 1965. (1965)

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