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    An Ordinance to restrict the alienation of non-native land.

    December, 1974
    Oceania, Kiribati

    Non-native land shall not be alienated, whether by sale, gift, lease or otherwise, unless at least 6 weeks before the alienation notice thereof has been served on the Minister, who may inform the intended vendor that the Crown wishes to acquire the interest intended to be alienated.. Where the Minister and the vendor are unable to agree on terms of transfer the land in question shall be deemed for the purposes of the Crown Acquisition of Lands Ordinance to be required for a public purpose.

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    December, 1974

    El Código nacional de recursos naturales renovables y de protección del medio ambiente, consta de 340 artículos organizados en dos libros: Del Ambiente (Libro Primero) y De la Propiedad, Uso e Influencia Ambiental de los Recursos Naturales Renovables (Libro Segundo).

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    January, 1974

    This Act is enacted to promote conservation and utilization of lands and natural resources, and reasonable distribution of population and industrial activities, so as to accelerate economic development, improve living environment, and enhance public welfare.A regional plan referred to in this Act means a regional development plan formulated according to the mutually depended and common-interest relations between geography, population, resources, and economic activities.The competent authority of each level shall establish a committee of regional plan to examine regional plans.

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