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    Act 5/2002

    August, 2002

    To povide for the allocation of rights in respect of communal land; establish, Communal Land Boards; to provide for the powers of Chiefs and Traditional Authorities and boards in relation to communal land; and to make provision for incidental matters

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    April, 2002

    La presente Ley de régimen del suelo y ordenación urbanística, tiene por objeto la regulación de la actividad urbanística en el Principado de Asturias, en el marco de una ordenación del territorio basada en el equilibrio entre bienestar económico y desarrollo sostenible.

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    December, 2002
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the sound development of the national economy and to the preservation of national land and the environment by promoting the development of forestry and the various functions of forests concerning public interests, through rational preservation and use of mountainous districts.

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    January, 2003

    This Act amends the Land Act: in section 2 by inserting a new definition of “person who is not a citizen of Malawi”; in section 5(1) which restricts the making of a grant of any public land or any customary land to any person who is not a citizen of Malawi; in section 40 on proof of citizenship of Malawi; by adding new sections (24B, 24C and 24D) which place restrictions on the grant of private land to any person who is not a citizen of Malawi.

    Amends: Land Act (Cap. 57:01). (1982)

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    July, 2002

    This Law is composed of 7 Parts divided into 68 articles. Part I deals with fundamental principles and general provisions. Part II provides for regulating the environment protection especially the following matters: environmental planning; Environment National Council; financing environment protection through the establishment of a national environmental fund; and the mechanism of environmental pollution control. Part III refers to the Environment Information System and the participation in environment management and protection. Part IV relates to the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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    July, 2002
    Dominican Republic

    SUMILLA Rige las obligaciones de los comerciantes en sus operaciones mercantiles y los actos de comercio. Regula los actos de comercio. RESUMEN Establece que son comerciantes todas las personas que ejercen actos de comercio y hacen de él su profesión habitual. Todo comerciante está obligado a tener un Libro Diario que presente, día por día, las operaciones de su comercio, o que resuma por lo menos mensualmente los totales de estas operaciones, siempre que conserve, en este caso, todos los documentos que permitan verificar estas operaciones día por día.

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    Traditional Authority and Land in KwaZulu-Natal

    Reports & Research
    May, 2002
    Africa, South Africa

    Government is frequently charged with failing to finalise key policies relating to traditional authorities, for example, local government roles and functions, and communal land tenure. Whilst it is true that important issues remain unresolved, it is also true that the issues themselves are very complex and that some have become so politicised that rational debate is hindered. This section addresses some of these policy areas in a manner which hopefully enables rational debates and viable solutions. 

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