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    January, 2003

    La présente loi fixe l'organisation administrative territoriale, basée sur les principes de la déconcentration et de la décentralisation, vise le déploiement harmonieux de l'administration sur l'ensemble du territoire; la mise en place d'une administration de proximité; la création des conditions d’émergence d’une administration orientée vers le développement ; la promotion de la démocratie locale; la réalisation de l’unité nationale.

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    January, 2004
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    This Act sets forth provisions on application to the Court for a declaration of possessory title in Article 3, content of application in accordance with Form 1 of the First Schedule in Article 4, written statement of the applicant and of at least two other persons having knowledge of the applicant’s adverse possession of the piece or parcel of land annexed to the application in Article 5, plan of the piece or parcel of land authenticated by the signature of the Chief Surveyor annexed to the application in Article 6, publication of notice in the newspapers in Article 7, service on all owners

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    January, 2004

    This Law is aimed at: protecting the coastal environment, restoring and preserving coasts as a resource of unique value, and preventing and reducing as much as possible any damage to them; preserving the coastal environment and the coastal sand for the benefit and enjoyment of the public, for present and future generations; and establishing principles and limitations for the sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment. Under the law, sea and shore are considered one integral unit that extends from Israel's territorial waters to 300 meters inland.

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    October, 2003

    This Law makes provision for the management and use of various types of land, including forestry and agricultural land.Land of Lao PDR shall be under the ownership of the national community and all organizations and individuals shall have the obligation to protect land to ensure that there is no soil erosion, land subsidence and soil degradation.The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry shall be in charge of managing agricultural land, forest land, submerged land, river banks, islands and recovered land.The Law, among other things, further provides for the following: land registration for th

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    January, 2003

    This Act amends the Land Act: in section 2 by inserting a new definition of “person who is not a citizen of Malawi”; in section 5(1) which restricts the making of a grant of any public land or any customary land to any person who is not a citizen of Malawi; in section 40 on proof of citizenship of Malawi; by adding new sections (24B, 24C and 24D) which place restrictions on the grant of private land to any person who is not a citizen of Malawi.

    Amends: Land Act (Cap. 57:01). (1982)

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