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    The civil code of Kazakhstan

    Legislation & Policies
    December, 1994

    Article 2(1): 

    "1. Civil legislation is based on the recognition of the equality of the participants of the relations regulated thereby, inviolability of property, freedom of agreement, prohibition of arbitrary interference in somebody's private affairs, indispensability of the free exercise of civil rights, and provision for the restitution of violated rights and their defence in the court."

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    Закон Республики Казахстан от 29 декабря 2003 года N 512-II О внесении изменений и дополнений в некоторые законодательные акты Республики Казахстан по вопросам регулирования земельных отношений

    Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia

    Article 5 of the Law No. 214-1 on peasant farm acquires a new wording: «The plot of land of a peasant farm shall be inherited according to the modalities envisaged by the national legislation». Article 6 of the same Act acquires a new wording: «The plots of land for farming shall be allotted to the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan on condition of ownership or on condition of temporary charged lease for the period up to 49 years and for seasonal grazing on condition of temporary land tenure free of charge».

    Amends: Law No. 214-1 on peasant farm. (1998-03-31)

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    Russia, Turkmenistan, Asia, Central Asia

    Local government shall be responsible for supervision over land-use planning of urban land in residential areas. This Housing Code shall establish requirements for acknowledgement of land plots destined for residential areas and the establishment of the boundaries thereof. It also regulated the issues of expropriation of land plots under residential facilities for public need and the modalities of compensation to the owners of the aforesaid residential facilities. The right of ownership to land plot under residential facility of the owner thereof shall be regulated by land legislation.

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    З А К О Н ТУРКМЕНИСТАНА О Генгеше (новая редакция) (С изменениями и дополнениями внесенным Законами Туркменистана от 28.06.2007 г. № 128-Ш и 23.10.2008 г. № 233-Ш).

    Russia, Turkmenistan, Asia, Central Asia

    This Law regulates the functioning of local government related to urban and rural administration, defining plenary powers thereof and its relations with other state bodies. Local government shall be guided in its activity by jurisdictional competence, legality, collegiality and transparency. Information related to decisions taken by local government shall be made generally available. The sphere of competence of the local government shall include rational use of natural resources, environmental protection, land-use planning and urban and peri-urban agriculture.

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    З А К О Н ТУРКМЕНИСТАНА Об арчынах.

    Russia, Turkmenistan, Asia, Central Asia

    This Law establishes jurisdictional competence and plenary powers of the heads of local self-government, in particular, economic, social and cultural development of the territory, land-use planning, water, gas and energy supply. The principles of performance of the duties of local government shall include legality, equity, transparency and personal responsibility.

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    ЗАКОН РЕСПУБЛИКИ ТАДЖИКИСТАН О геодезии и картографии (АХБОРИ МАДЖЛИСИ ОЛИ РЕСПУБЛИКИ ТАДЖИКИСТАН 2006 год, №3, СТ. 162; 2008 год, №12, часть 2, ст.1008).

    Russia, Tajikistan, Asia, Central Asia

    This Law establishes legal basis for geodetic and cartographic activity. The sphere of the aforesaid activity includes distant zoning of the Earth, land use planning and mapping. The Act consists of 3 Sections divided into 21 articles: (1) general provisions; (2) regulation of geodetic and cartographic activity; and (3) conclusive provisions. The competence of the Government shall be to determine the authorized state institution in the sphere of geodesy and cartography. Geodetic, cartographic and hydrographical materials shall form national state geodetic and cartographic fund.

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    О лицензировании Закон Республики Казахстан от 11 января 2007 года N 214

    Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia

    This Law regulates relations regarding licensing of some activities. It shall not be applicable to the issuance of licences related to licensing agreement between natural and legal persons. The Act consists of seven Chapters divided into 52 Articles: (1) general provisions; (2) the state licensing system; (3) types of activity; (4) licensing of import and export; (5) licensing terms and conditions; (6) renewal, cancellation and suspension of licences; and (7) final provisions. Licensing terms and conditions shall be equal for all persons complying with the established requirements.

  8. Library Resource
    Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia

    The stock of land in accordance with its destination is subdivided into the following categories: 1) agricultural land; 2) urban land; 3) industrial land; 4) land of protected areas; 5) forest land; 6) water land; 7) reserve land. The document consists of 5 Sections composed of 21 Chapters that contain 170 articles. Section 1 (Chapters 1-2) lays down general provisions. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-12) lays down general provisions. Chapter 2 (arts. 13-19) establishes competence of state institutions in the field of land relations.

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