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    Legislation & Policies
    National Policies
    February, 2009

    Article 1

    "This Law is enacted in accordance with the Constitution for the purpose of upholding the basic economic system of the State, maintaining the order of the socialist market economy, defining the attribution of things, giving play to the usefulness of things and protecting the property right of obligees."

  2. Library Resource

    CAP. 124

    Legislation & Policies
    December, 2001
    Hong Kong

    "Whenever the Chief Executive in Council decides that the resumption of any land is required for a public purpose, the Chief Executive may order the resumption thereof under this Ordinance"

  3. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    April, 1990
    China, Hong Kong

    Preamble: "Hong Kong has been part of the territory of China since ancient times; it was occupied by Britain after the Opium War in 1840.  On 19 December 1984, the Chinese and British Governments signed the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, affirming that the Government of the People's Republic of China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong with effect from 1 July 1997, thus fulfilling the long-cherished common aspiration of the Chinese people for the recovery of Hong Kong.

  4. Library Resource

    Lei n. 10/2013 (Lei de terras).

    Macao S.A.R, Asia, Eastern Asia

    This Land Law, consisting of 14 Chapters, divided into 223 articles, establishes the legal regime for land management, in particular for constitution, exercise, modification, transmission and extinction of the right of land use and exploitation within the State of the Special Administrative Region of Macau, (called RAEM).

  5. Library Resource
    Republic of Korea, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purposes of this Act is to contribute to the smooth supply of sites for public works and the stabilization of the land market by prescribing necessary matters regarding the reservation and supply of public land. The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport shall establish and implement a comprehensive plan for the reservation of public land every 10 years for the smooth supply of public works and the stabilization of the land market.

  6. Library Resource
    Republic of Korea, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purpose of this Act is to prevent potential danger or injury to public health and environment due to soil contamination and to properly maintain and preserve soil including purifying the contaminated soil to conserve the soil ecosystem, etc. This Act shall not apply to soil contamination caused by radioactive materials.The Minister of Environment shall formulate and enforce a basic plan for soil conservation every 10 years and shall include matters listed in article 4.

  7. Library Resource
    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    This Law aims to prevent and control water and soil loss, protect and reasonably utilize water and soil resources, reduce disasters of flood, drought and sandstorm, improve the ecological environment and guarantee sustainable economic and social development.The Law provides for the preparation of water and soil conservation plans made based on the results of water and soil loss investigation and delimitation of key prevention areas and key control areas.

  8. Library Resource
    Republic of Korea, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purpose of this Act is to prevent air pollution and to manage and preserve the atmospheric environment.The Minister of Environment shall install network measuring devices, and measure at all times the degree of air pollution in Korea. The Minister of Environment or the Mayor/Do governor may expropriate or use land, building, etc. for installing the measuring networks according to the measuring network installation plan notified publicly under article 4.

  9. Library Resource
    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The purpose of this Law is to regulate the establishment, reorganization, dissolution of the administrative and territorial units of Mongolia and their governing system, competences, principles of operation and structure. The economic foundation of the administrative and territorial units shall consist of land, its subsoil, natural resources, local properties, accumulated assets from production and service incomes of all kinds of property, local taxes, fees and tariffs provided by law.

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