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    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    El presente documento define a nivel nacional los principios y directrices para constituir al año 2025 la Bolivia Digna y Soberana y para la construcción de una sociedad más incluyente, participativa, democrática, sin discriminación ni división, sobre la base de 13 pilares fundamentales. En la primera parte del documento se encuentra el texto integral de la Agenda Patriótica 2025, donde se visibilizan los 13 pilares y cada una de sus dimensiones.

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    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    La presente Ley tiene por objeto establecer un marco general que regule la actividad de los sectores agrario y agroalimentario en Extremadura, de conformidad con el carácter estratégico de los mismos para el desarrollo de la Comunidad Autónoma, así como el régimen jurídico de las infraestructuras rurales de Extremadura.

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    An Act to provide for the administration, conservation and proper use of forests, the protection and management of wildlife, the establishment and maintenance of national parks and protected areas, and for matters connected therewith.

    Montserrat, Americas, Caribbean

    This Act makes provision for the management and conservation of forest and wildlife resources in Montserrat. It establishes the Forestry, Wildlife, National Parks and Protected Areas Board and the Environmental Fund. The Board shall, among other things, advise the Minister and review and revise the national forest, wildlife and national parks plan.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    Section 2 of the above-mentioned Act establishes a body corporate called the “Maritime Forestry Complex Corporation” consisting of those persons who make up the board of directors.

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    Seychelles, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act provides for the control and planning of development and for the acquisition and disposal of land for planning purposes under the Lands Acquisition Act. It establishes the Town and Country Planning Authority and defines its functions and powers. The Authority shall make a development plan based on the review of existing development in the Seychelles. The plan shall, among other things, designate land as land subject to compulsory acquisition. The Minister shall, by Order, provide for the grant of permission for the development of land as specified.

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    Congo, Africa, Middle Africa

    La présente loi comprend 120 articles repartis en 6 titres, notamment les dispositions générales (Titre I); les principes et axes fondamentaux de la politique d’aménagement et de développement du territoire (Titre II); les orientations spécifiques d’aménagement et de développement du territoire (Titre III); les documents de la politique d’aménagement du territoire (Titre IV); les outils financiers, institutionnels et juridiques de la politique d’aménagement du territoire (Titre V); et les disposition finales (Titre VI).Ce texte fixe le cadre légal de la politique d’aménagement du territoire

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    An Act to make provision with respect to searching for and mining minerals, to repeal the Mining Act and certain other Acts and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

    Malawi, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act, among other things, vests the property of mineral rights in the President, provides with respect to the administration of matters regarding mines and minerals, provides for the granting of mineral rights and related matters, and provides for the protection of the environment in relation with mining operations. The Act also includes provisions concerning dispute resoluation.No person shall carry on in Malawi reconnaissance, prospecting or mining operations, except under and in accordance with a Mineral Right, a non-exclusive prospecting licence, a claim or a mineral permit.

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    Australia, Oceania

    This Act, consisting of 65 Sections divided into six Parts and completed by two Schedules, aims at establishing a target to reduce Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions; to promote collaboration, cooperation and innovation in the Victorian response to climate change by strengthening the role of communities and other measures; to provide for a strategic response by the Government of Victoria to climate change through a Climate Change Adaptation Plan; to facilitate Victoria's contribution to national and international carbon sequestration efforts; to provide for the creation of forestry rights,

  9. Library Resource

    РЕСПУБЛИКА БАШКОРТОСТАН ЗАКОН от 7 ноября 2005 года N 224-з Об объектах культурного наследия (памятниках истории и культуры) народов Республики Башкортостан (с изменениями на 4 марта 2014 года).

    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Law regulates relations originating the sphere of conservation, management, promotion and state protection of the objects of cultural heritage of the regional and local significance. Objects of cultural heritage shall be considered elements of land-use planning, landscape, gardens, parks and urban forests. State protection of the objects of cultural heritage shall include identification, registration, conservation and prevention of damages to the objects of cultural heritage.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act has 43 sections, and is divided as follows: Interpretation (sects. 1-3); Dedication and Purpose of Provincial Parks (sects. 4 and 5); Designation and Management of Provincial Parks (sects. 6-11); Park Lands Administration (sects. 12-22); Enforcement (sects. 23-26); General Provisions (sects. 27-35); and Consequential, Repeal and coming into Force (sects.

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