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    September, 2012

    An Act to deal with undertaking survey and settlement operations in the State by adopting modern technology to minimize the time span without compromising the quality, transparency and grievance redressal and related matters.

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    Legislation & Policies
    June, 1962

    An Act to consolidate with amendments the enactments relating to the administration of Stool and other lands.

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    Legislation & Policies
    June, 2004

    This decree is Honduras' general property law.

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    Act No. 8 of 2010

    Legislation & Policies
    June, 2010

    "An Act to repeal and replace the law relating to land, provide for the grant of titles to land, the conversion of titles to land, the better securing of titles to land, the administration of land, the expropriation of land for public purposes, the grant of servitudes, the creation of land courts and the settlement of disputes relating to land; systematic regularisation and adjudication; and for connected purposes.

    Enacted by the Parliament of Lesotho"

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    B.E. 2497

    January, 1954

    Land Code Promulgating Act, 1954

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    Chapter 210

    October, 1942

    An Act to make provision relating to chattel securities and the transfer of chattels.

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    Chapter 393

    July, 1963

    An Act to convert freehold estates in land into leasehold estates and to provide for the corresponding diminution of other estates and interests in and over land, to declare the incidents of such leasehold estates and to provide for the development of land.  

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    Act No. 7 of 2007

    June, 2007

    An Act to provide for registration of town planners, establishment of the Town Planners Registration Board, regulation of the standard, conduct and activities of town planners and to provide for matters connected therewith.

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