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    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    This Circular concerns the functioning and internal organization of State enterprises that have been allocated by the competent State bodies forests and forestry land for forest industry purposes and of business companies in which "dependent cost-accounting State forestry farms" participate. The second part of this Circular concerns the reorganization of State forestry farms so as to operate them in a more commercial manner. Part 3 concerns allocation of land and forests to State forestry farms.

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    Costa Rica, Central America, Americas

    El presente Reglamento tiene como objetivo establecer las normas que deben regular el funcionamiento del registro de peritos-tasadores del Colegio de Ingenieros Agrónomos, autorizados para efectuar peritajes y avalúos en materia agropecuaria o forestal.

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    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    La presente Resolución aprueba las Normas técnicas sobre Planes de Ordenamiento Predial (POP), cuyo objetivo es el de garantizar a largo plazo la conservación y el uso sostenible de las tierras del dominio originario del Estado asignadas a los particulares, mediante un proceso de clasificación de tierras por su capacidad de uso mayor a nivel predial.

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    Ireland, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations are designed to standardise applications for payment of compensation under the Forestry Acts.

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    Ireland, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations amend article 13 of the principal Regulations of 1994 which prescribes development, which notwithstanding section 4 of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963, is not exempted development. The effect of the Regulations is to lower the threshold at which afforestation requires planning permission from 200 hectares to 70 hectares. A corresponding change has been made in the European Communities (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations, 1996 (S.I. No.

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    Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe

    An Act to make provision for the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable use of natural resources, i.e. land, water and the physical environment (sect. 1).The Act is divided into 6 Chapters: Introductory provisions (1); Basic management provisions (2); Particular management provisions for specified areas in the country (3); Admission testing for industrial plants, etc. (4) Environment impact assessment statements (5); Duties of authorities, distribution of responsibilities, etc.

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    Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act prohibits the use of pesticides on forestland and the treatment of single tree trunks, except for the control of a disease specified in section 1. Certain exceptions are allowed for scientific purposes and under control of the Forest Protection Council. Municipal councils may restrict use further in their respective territories. Specific provisions regarding registration of pesticides and their use shall be issued pursuant to section 5. Other provisions deal with offences and appeal against decision of the Forest Protection Council. (7 sections)

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    China, Eastern Asia, Asia

    "Transfer of forest resources" refers to the economic activities to transfer the ownership of woods and the right of use of the forest land (wildlife, mineral resources and underground matters are not included) from one to another. Timber forest, groves of bamboo, economic forest and fuel forest are transferable (art. 5). The forests in scenic spot, historic site and in natural reserve or protected areas are not transferable; it is forbidden to transfer the forest, which have unclear or disputable ownership (art. 6).

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    Luxembourg, Europe, Western Europe

    La présente loi a pour objectif, en conformité avec les principes de la politique agricole commune, de promouvoir une agriculture multifonctionnelle, durable et compétitive en liaison avec un développement intégré des zones rurales. Le texte comprend 4 titres répartis en 69 articles: Objectif et définitions (Ier); Encouragement à l’adaptation et au développement du secteur agricole (II).

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