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    Despacho Normativo n. 9/11/1992.

    Guinea-Bissau, Africa, Western Africa

    These Norms approve the Legal and Fiscal Regime for Land Occupation and regulate the requests of concessions for unoccupied and uncultivated lands to be used for: agro-forestry/silvo-pastoralism, agricultural, livestock, or other purposes.

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    Paraguay, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley regula el Derecho Real de Superficie Forestal, definido como aquel por el cual el titular del dominio de un inmueble susceptible de contener plantaciones forestales o bosques naturales constituye a favor de terceros o superficiarios un derecho de aprovechamiento o disposición sobre los bienes forestales plantados sobre la superficie de su propiedad o sobre los bienes que se encuentren en el inmueble en forma de bosque natural.

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    Bolivia, Americas, South America

    En virtud de esta Ley se declara de prioridad nacional y necesidad departamental e interés social la forestación y reforestación de las zonas desérticas y semidesérticas del Departamento de Chuquisaca. Se encomienda a los Ministerios de Medio Ambiente y Agua, de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras en coordinación con el Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Chuquisaca y los Gobiernos Autónomos Municipales de Chuquisaca, la elaboración de los proyectos a diseño final de forestación y reforestación en zonas desérticas y semidesérticas para su ejecución en el Departamento de Chuquisaca.

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    Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, Americas

    This Order, made under section 9(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act, provides that development of any class specified in the Schedule to this Order shall be permitted and may be undertaken without the permission of the Minister upon land to which this Order applies, provided that the permission in respect of any such class of development shall be subject to any condition or limitation imposed in the Schedule in relation to that class.

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    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    La presente Ley modifica el Texto Refundido de las Leyes de Ordenación del Territorio de Canarias y de Espacios Naturales de Canarias, en aspectos relacionados con el régimen jurídico a aplicar a las instalaciones, construcciones y edificaciones, así como a los usos ya existentes.

    Enmienda: Decreto Legislativo Nº 1/2000 - Texto Refundido de las Leyes de Ordenación del Territorio de Canarias y de Espacios Naturales de Canarias. (2000-05-08)

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    Закон Калининградской области от 20 января 1998 г. N 47 "О мелиорации земель Калининградской области" (с изменениями от 6 апреля 2001 г., 9 июля 2003 г., 29 ноября, 21 декабря 2005 г., 11 ноября 2008 г., 30 июня 2009 г.).

    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Law establishes legal grounds for land reclamation activity with the consideration of natural and climatic conditions, and also rights and duties of natural and legal persons ensuring efficient tenure and protection of reclaimed land. The scope of land reclamation shall be to ensure improvement of soil fertility and creation of condition for involvement agricultural production of unused and low-productive land. Land reclamation shall be classified as follows: (a) hydrotechnical amelioration; (b) agro-forestry; (c) land clearing; and (d) chemical amelioration.

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    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    El presente Decreto Legislativo aprueba el Texto Refundido de las Leyes de Ordenación del Territorio de Canarias y de Espacios Naturales de Canarias, que tiene por objeto en la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias: establecer el régimen jurídico general de los Espacios Naturales de Canarias; regular la actividad administrativa en materia de ordenación de los recursos naturales, territorial y urbanística; y definir el régimen jurídico urbanístico de la propiedad del suelo y vuelo, de acuerdo con su función social.

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    South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Notice of the President of South Africa, made pursuant to section 235(8) of the Constitution, assigns the administration of the Mountain Catchment Areas Act, excluding certain functions that fall outside the functional areas specified in Schedule 6 to the Constitution, to a competent authority, to be designated by the Premier of the province concerned, within the jurisdiction of the government of a province mentioned in section 124 of the Constitution. The Notice defines the extend of the assignment (the whole Act except section 8(2) and amend the Act as specified in the Schedule.

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    South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

    These Regulations, made by the Minister of Forestry under section 13 of the Mountain Catchment Areas Act, implements provisions of that Act in respect of: the constitution and composition of Fire Protection Committees; the election of members of advisory committees for Mountain Catchment Areas; applications for financial aid; declaration of private land as Mountain Catchment Area and relative procedures; directions to owners of land in a Mountain Catchment Area; and applications for compensation of patrimonial loss.

    Implements: Mountain Catchment Areas Act. (1996)

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    South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa

    These Regulations, made by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture under section 29 of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, provide for measures to protect soil from erosion and in general conservation of the soil and combating of weeds and plant invaders. In particular attention is given to cultivation of land (especially on slopes), protection of cultivated land against erosion through the action of water or wind, and prevention of waterlogging and salination of irrigated land.

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