The next  inclusive nomination session for funding from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation opened online on  July 3 2017  and will end on August 11 2017.

The pre-selected projects will be rewieved for a potential grant from 2019. Therefore, the funding requested must cover activities carried out from 2019. Please note that the funding requested to the Foudation must not exceed 50% of the total budget of the project (Period for which funding is requested).

The projects co-supported by external funders will be chosen in priority compared to those funded by the Applicant organisation’s own funds (equity capital). No project can be directly submitted to the Foundation. Only projects submitted through the online application form will be taken into account.

The project selection process is based on the following steps:

  1. The Pre-Application File is submitted online via the Foundation’s website,
  2. Applications are pre-selected by the Foundation’s staff,
  3. An application file is sent to applicants of pre-selected projects,
  4. The application file is sent to the Foundation,
  5. Applications are examined by the Foundation’s staff and additional information may be requested, 
  6. Applications are referred to the Scientific and Technical Committee for opinion, 
  7. Final selection of projects by the Foundation’s Board of Directors,
  8. A financing agreement is drawn up and signed.

Before proposing your project by filling in the pre-application questionnaire, please read the following to ensure that it complies with the Foundation’s mission and selection criteria.

A. For your project to be considered, it must fulfill the following 4 conditions:

The project must concern one of the following areas:

  • Climate change,
  • Energy,
  • Biodiversity,
  • Access to water,
  • The fight against desertification.

The project must concern one of the following geographical areas:

The application for support must not concern:

  • The regular running of organisations,
  • Projects managed by one person only,
  • Communication campaigns,
  • Editorial projects and cinema productions,
  • Projects of a purely commercial nature.

Any project that does not meet the above 4 admissibility criteria will not be examined.

B. Considering the Foundation’s guidelines and the large number of projects submitted, for the period 2013-2015, priority support will be given to projects focused on the following:

  • The fight against deforestation,
  • Alternative solutions to the use of firewood,
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency in LDCs,
  • Ocean acidification and its consequences,
  • Sea and Ocean governance,
  • The effects of global warming on biodiversity,
  • Management of wetlands,
  • Management of marine protected areas,
  • Conservation efforts for species “in critical danger of extinction” according to the UICN red list,
  • Integrated water resource management.

C. If your project fulfills the preliminary conditions (A and B) it will be examined and selected according to the following criteria:

  • The type of project: research, technological innovation, field projects involving the populations concerned,
  • Added value, exemplary nature and replicability of the project,
  • Measurable and tangible aspect of the anticipated outcome of the project,
  • “Sustainable development” dimension of the project (social and economic in particular),
  • Cooperation with and involvement of the local populations concerned,
  • Quality and solidity of partnerships,
  • Technical and financial feasibility,
  • Expertise of the project managers,
  • Quality of the project management,
  • Existence of a system for assessing the project.

Upon review of this questionnaire and once pre-selected,  The Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation will contact applicants to ask them to complete an application.

Download the pre-application form to apply.

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