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The Land Portal Foundation is recruiting a consultant or a company who will be responsible for researching, advising and developing a viable land data dashboard that enables users to visualize and analyze the available data.


About the SOLIndex

In 2019 the Land Portal developed the methodology for uncovering the State of Land Information (SOLI) on a country level. The SOLI seeks to provide an overview of publicly available data and information on key land issues from government and other stakeholders. This research provides the basis for the State of Land Data Index (SOLIndex), a set of indicators that tracks the completeness and openness of land data at the country level

The SOLIndex can tell us about the degree of openness of land information at the country level. It also allows us to better understand national and global capabilities in opening up data (particularly in government, the most common custodians of land data). Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the SOLIndex can serve as a diagnostic and inform us about the most actionable interventions needed to open up land data at country level.

The Land Portal intends to present the SOLIndex land data assessments and results in a more visually compelling and actionable manner on a data dashboard on the LP. This can serve to add value to the current Land Portal outputs while at the same time improving the LP contribution to other long term monitoring initiatives. 


Description of the assignment

The task is to develop a dashboard that illustrates the features of the SOLIindex with data for 15 countries. It should be an online interactive tool that enables data visualization, downloads, comparisons, and a general ability to interact with the data. This dashboard should be ready to share with external stakeholders in the land, data, and development sectors to discuss its relevance and impact. The dashboard should point to a vision of the substantial scope and projection of the SOLI Program.

Principal Tasks & Responsibilities: 

The researcher will be responsible for all the necessary tasks and research to identify the most appropriate technological solution taking into account the existing Land Portal Data Infrastructure, including, but not limited to:

  • Conduct a functional analysis and requirements assessment to identify user roles, narratives, uses and general engagement with the data.

  • Review the SOLIndex Data and develop an appropriate data schema in cooperation with the Senior Land Informations Specialist.

  • Conduct a landscape analysis to determine both positive and negative examples of the functionality and user experience applicable to an ideal SOLI product in collaboration with the Land Portal team.

  • Developing the dashboard, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and iterating and improving the dashboard.


A SOLIndex dashboard that enables a person to consume, digest, visualize and understand, within an appropriate context, all of the quantitative information provided in the SOLIndex with further links to in-depth qualitative analysis and reports.

Schedule of deliverables will be agreed upon with the Senior Land Information Specialist.



This consultancy is expected to start as soon as possible and be completed over a period of 3 months, or as agreed between the Consultant and the Land Portal Foundation. The Consultant will be working from home. 


Application Process: Interested candidates should submit their CV, cover letter, and any relevant supporting materials to

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