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July 2021

This one-pager provides details on the LAND-at-scale project in Mozambique. This project is implemented by Centro Terra Viva and Terra Firma, and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency. 

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Peer-reviewed publication
April 2021

Land adjudication constitute a series of sequential steps that if followed carefully and correctly, can lead to a sufficient determination of the varied interests in land including whether, and where they overlap, complement, conflict or compete with each other.

Reports & Research
August 2019

Este estudio nos cuenta del Asentamiento contestado, el cual desde 1999 logra desarrollar sus actividades conjuntas. 108 familias que proponen un uso adecuado de los recursos en la agroecología. Participan activamente en encuentros y cursos para lograr el uso adecuado de la tierra y maximizar su producción. Tambien hacen partícipes a los niños, los cuales desarrollan destrezas propias.

Reports & Research
August 2017

This study provides interim procedures for registering rural land holdings when one or both of a childs parents are deceased at the time of field demarcation and adjudication..This resource was published in the frame of the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme.

Land Rights
Reports & Research
June 2017
Southern Africa

The report provides a conceptual framework for understanding the application of 'adjudication' to land rights verification as part of a general land administration function that includes offregister rights; and outlines the motivation for developing such as system in South Africa, with some provisional ideas about systematising and institutionalising land rights adjudication to include off-regi

December 2016

The Guarani people of the municipality of Macharetí in the department of Chuquisaca Bolivia, for many fought for land titling. Currently and after five titling processes, Macharetí Community Association holds title to 184,757 hectares which include the territory of Yembiguasu land away from the community surrounding the border with Paraguay and now part of the community.

December 2016

O Território documentário Lomerío: abrigo para a autonomia indígena, reflete todo o processo de um caso de sucesso e emblemático de acesso coletivo à terra pelo povo Chiquitano de comunidade indígena rural de Lomerío em Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolívia. Colonos, as autoridades nativas, representantes do Conselho de Anciãos e crianças da comunidade contar esta história inspiradora.