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The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.

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January 2020
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America

Nos últimos anos intensificou-se o debate em torno das relações entre camponeses e a ditadura empresarial militar que se instalou no Brasil em 1964 e descortinaram-se várias questões novas bem como caminhos e fontes de pesquisa sobre o tema.

December 2019

Liberia has long maintained a dual land tenure system over statutory and customary lands characterized by unclear terms of ownership. Most rural Liberians depend on common resources for their survival. These are largely communally owned;used and managed. But the Liberian government has effectively treated all un-deeded land as public land to be administered by the State.

Women and Men in Armenia
December 2019

Gender statistics play a key role in mainstreaming gender into policies of the state and serves as a tool to adequately assess and reflect the situation of women and men in economic, social and political spheres of the society. Gender statistics allows increasing public awareness about the status of women in relation to that of men and conducting systematic study of gender issues.

November 2019

The Gambos municipality is part of Angolamilk region. However milk;which is life sustaining in these communities;was found to be in short supply due to diminishing grazing pastures correlating with the introduction of commercial cattle ranches to the area.

November 2019

In advance of the release of the World Bank’s 2019 Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) report;the Oakland Institute exposes the Bank’s new scheme to privatize land in the developing world. It details how the Bank’s prescribed reforms;via a new land indicator in the EBA project;promotes large-scale land acquisitions and the expansion of agribusinesses in the developing world.

October 2019

From 2009-2015 Namati and partners CTV in Mozambique;LEMU in Uganda and SDI in Liberia supported more than 100 communities to document and protect their customary land rights. In late 2017 Namati evaluated the impacts the process had on communitiesresponses to outsiders seeking community lands and natural resources.

Journal Articles & Books
May 2019

It’s been ten years since open data first broke onto the global stage. Over the past decade, thousands of programs and projects around the world have worked to open data and use it to address a myriad of social and economic challenges. Meanwhile, issues related to data rights and privacy have moved to the centre of public and political discourse.