Creative partnerships for land: Reaching across sectors, constituencies, and geographies [LANDac Conference Parallel Session] | Land Portal
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Thursday, June 30

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm CEST

Hybrid format

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The growing complexity of social and economic challenges is driving new, innovative forms of collaboration across the land sector. This session will draw upon the Land Portal’s experiences in working at multiple crossroads. 

For example, we believe that land data can be a path to public good when well-governed and available for use by a wide range of actors. While we were working with the Global Data Barometer to map the landscape of land data at large, we saw an opportunity to complement their global perspective with deep-dives into specific countries. Our State of Land Information research, in conjunction with their global work, achieves a balance between comparability and granularity. Together, we offer the land governance community a tool to monitor land data availability and accessibility across the globe. 

The Portal’s mission and success are conditional on building unique, successful partnerships. We will invite our partners from the open data community to join us as we exchange good practices for coalition building across different languages, geographies, and missions.