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December 2014
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This report comprises of a comprehensive assessment of the status of land governance in the state of Jharkhand, by using the World Bank’s Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) during 2013-1014. This report presents its findings. The assessment was taken up in nine distinct thematic areas of land governance as envisaged in the LGAF. These nine thematic areas are: (i) Land Rights Recognition (ii) Rights to Forest and Common Lands & Rural Land Use Regulations (iii) Urban Land Use Planning and Development (iv) Public Land Management (v) Transfer of Public Land to Private Use (vi) Public Provision of Land Information: Registry and Cadastre (vii) Land Valuation and Taxation (viii) Dispute Resolution and (ix) Review of Institutional Arrangements and Policies. In line with a participatory process that the LGAF has specified these nine thematic areas were investigated by six locally drawn expert investigators and was reviewed by a panel of stakeholder representatives.

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