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Brazilian Journal of Political Economy/Revista de Economia Política é uma revista acadêmica, revisão por pares, bilíngue, publicada trimestralmente desde 1981 pelo Centro de Economia Política através da Editora 34. É a mais citadas das revistas acadêmicas de economia do Brasil.

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Governança de Terras
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January, 2016
South America, Brazil
The present study aims to evaluate crop, pasture and forest land prices in Brazil, between 1994 and 2010, in the light of Post-Keynesian theory. The results provide evidence that land, more than just a simple factor of production, must be conceived of as an economic asset. In fact, the price of rural land is determined not only by the expected profitability deriving from agricultural activities but also by the agents’ expectations about its future appreciation and liquidity in an economic environment permeated with uncertainty.

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