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Zambia Land Alliance is a network of NGOs advocating for just land policies and laws that take into account the interests of the poor. The alliance originated in 1997 to coordinate the efforts of its member NGOs. The formation of the alliance was necessitated by the Zambian Government’s Land Reform process initiated in the early 1990s.


“A Zambia in which the rural and urban poor have secured access, ownership and control over land for development.”


The Land Alliance is a platform for collective action committed to promoting equitable access and secured ownership of land by the rural poor, through lobbying and advocacy, networking, research and community partnership.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Zambia Land Alliance are as follows:

1. Lobby and advocate for policies and laws that are inclusive of the rural and urban poor, most of who depend on land for their livelihood.

2. Conduct research on land related laws and policies, and investigate and document the efforts by various stakeholders on equitable access and ownership of land.

3. Raise awareness on land issues.

4. Network and collaborate with national, regional and international bodies to share experience and discussions on the future courses of action on land issues as they relate to poor rural families.

Zambia Land Alliance Resources

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Legislation & Policies
October 2015

Draft Land Policy, Zambia

Published in 2015

Reports & Research
January 2008

Presentation of civil society views for pro-poor land policies and laws in Zambia. Includes introduction and background; overview of the land policy options paper; context setting for policy development; policy options; implementation framework.

Reports & Research
April 2005

Examines the jurisdiction of the Lands Tribunal, its operations, composition, funding and secretariat. Urges the Government to finalise its draft Land Policy and revise the 1995 Lands Act. Recommends that the Lands Tribunal be decentralised to be accessible to poor women and men, that it publicise its work more and that its capacity and resources be increased.

Reports & Research
November 2004

A series of submissions by the Zambia Land Alliance on these topics: land as a right; women’s rights to land; vestment and administration of land; conversion of customary land to leasehold tenure; land and the environment; land information; mode of adoption of the Constitution.

Reports & Research
December 2002

A response to the Zambian Government’s August 2002 decision to consult major stakeholders on land. Zambian Land Alliance helped form Civil Society Land Policy Review Committee which aims to ensure that the remote rural poor participate in the Government Draft Land Policy review process and present their views.

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