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The Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF) was established in October 2000 to strengthen the knowledge base and analytical capacity of the United Nations in conflict prevention and management, peacemaking, and peacebuilding. We support UN policymaking and operations by providing UN decision-makers rapid access to leading scholars, experts, and practitioners outside the UN system through informal consultations, off the record briefings, and commissioned research. CPPF has immediate access to senior UN decision-makers, first-hand experience with UN policy and operational planning, and an extensive network of experts who complement our staff’s expertise. CPPF benefits from an advisory board of highly respected practitioners, policymakers, and academics.

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January, 2007

Land is a central issue for both rural and urban communities in Sudan. It is not just a means of livelihood and basic survival, but also has profound cultural and socio-political dimensions. Local level conflict over access to natural resources, often in a context of environmental degradation, have always characterised the interaction of different groups in Sudan. However, issues of governance and administration, both at the local and national levels, have precipitated these conflicts and magnified their impact to a national scale.

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