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The mission of Global Land Alliance is to enable the prosperity of people and places by advancing learning and practice to achieve land tenure security and the efficient, inclusive and sustainable use of land and natural resources.

We aim to accelerate quality development by resolving land issues with new paradigms of participation and accountability.   We are a think-and-do tank focused on resolving land issues to address four critical development challenges:

  • Food security and the challenge of sustainable food systems.
  • Environment and the challenge of sustainable ecosystems.
  • Urbanization and the challenge of sustainable cities.
  • Conflict and the challenge of sustainable peace.

Global Land Alliance takes the traditional think tank model a step forward, not only producing new understanding and recommendations based on on-the-ground perspectives of citizens, community leaders and businesses, but also channeling those learnings toward practical implementation at scale. By scaling and speeding up resolution of land issues, we can scale up and speed up improved results in the big issues of our time: urbanization, food security, environmental sustainability and peace.

Global Land Alliance is committed to finding solutions to the complex development challenges of cities, rural landscapes and forests through the power of allying local, national and international resources in innovative ways. We seek to harness the values inherent in land, place and natural resources to drive socially inclusive and ecologically-grounded development.  We act as a catalyst for change by mobilizing local action, managing knowledge, driving accountability, and developing long-term capacities. We seek to be a positive disrupter of status quo situations that keep people in poverty and insecurity, misuse resources and inhibit local growth.

Global Land Alliance Resources

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Policy Papers & Briefs
March, 2016

How worried are people, especially in poorer communities, about the risk that they could lose their homes or their land? The idea behind this initial survey is simple: to find out if people are worried about their existing property rights or lack of them – whether women or men, owners or tenants, in cities or in villages. The survey results reveal that insecurity of property rights is widespread in India, with about one in four owners and about half of renters expressing worry about losing their home.

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Reports & Research
December, 2015

How much should investments in new land administration systems cost? How can we disentangle and compare costs of land administration investments across countries? How can policy-makers know if they are getting value for money and achieving long-term sustainability from investments in land administration systems?

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The mission of Global Land Alliance is to enable the sustainable prosperity of people and places by advancing learning and practice of land governance to achieve healthy relationships with land, life and natural resources, emphasizing local and Indigenous knowledge. Through a grant to GLA, Omidyar Network supported mediation between land owners and occupiers in Brazilian favelas and the ability to share learnings from that experience globally.

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