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Some of East Africa's most traditional pastoralist and hunter-gatherer communities are currently at great risk of loosing their land and resources due to progressive land encroachment and lack of representation in modern Tanzania. 

​UCRT works to empower marginalised people in the rangelands of northern Tanzania to secure rights to their natural resources and land. 

UCRT helps these communities by representing their land rights, advocating on their behalf to local and national government, and  securing legal ownership of their traditional lands.

We also help empower these communities to independently and effectively manage their land and resources, and to improve education, women's protection and advocacy, as well as their leadership and representation among the wider Tanzanian community.

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Gathering facts in response to the killings of 5 people done by Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces in Malinyi Ulanga

Reports & Research
March, 2012

This is a report on TALA-Media joint mission in response to recently reported killings of 5 agro pastoralists and farmers in Maguba area Malinyi Division in Ulanga District. These people were allegedly reported to be killed by gun shots by the Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces on Saturday 17th March, 2012. 

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Review of United Republic of Tanzania-UPR 12th Session, 2011

Reports & Research
December, 2011

This report is a compilation of primary and secondary sources of information, evidences and facts collected through consultative meetings and interviews with CSOs and Community members. More information was obtained from different credible sources including the UN treaty bodies, UN special procedures, ACHPR, government reports, media as well as reports of fact finding missions of pastoralists’ CSOs members. Validation was done by pastoralist CSOs and National CSOs in two different meetings

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