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UKaid DFIDThe LEGEND Challenge is an initiative of the UK Department for International Developments (DFID) managed by KPMG. The Land Portal is hosting this information on behalf of the LEGEND Partnership, but does not have any role in the decision making process.

The UK Department for International Development (DFID)

Launched a Challenge Fund to support the development and testing of innovative approaches and partnerships for strengthening land governance, with a specific focus on piloting approaches to responsible land-related investments. The geographic focus is on 7 countries in Africa: Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Sierra Leone.The Challenge Fund has been launched under DFID’s LEGEND programme—or Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development—which aims to improve land rights protection, knowledge and information, and responsible land investment. Pressures on land are growing in many parts of the developing world. Increased business interest in investing in agriculture has raised new hopes for rural economic development, but also concerns that ill-designed or implemented investments might exacerbate pressures on land and undermine the land rights and livelihoods of local people and poor farmers.  The globally negotiated and endorsed Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT) provides clear guiding principles on how to respect, protect and fulfil the land rights of women, men, communities and responsibly operating businesses, and to improve the pro-poor impact of private sector investments in land. 

A number of private sector-oriented standards and initiatives have emerged to operationalise the VGGT in relation to private sector investments. In this context, experts of G7 donor agencies, the African Union Land Policy Initiative and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation have developed a tool endorsed by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition to support due diligence in agricultural investments – the Analytical Framework for Due Diligence in Responsible Land-Based Agricultural Investments (referred to below as the New Alliance Due Diligence tool) . LEGEND aims to translate robust guidance to operationalise the VGGT into real change on the ground. The Challenge Fund is a key vehicle to pilot the New Alliance Due Diligence (DD) tool and other relevant efforts to this end where land related investments are concerned. 



The Fund Manager of the LEGEND Challenge Fund is KPMG


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