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Selection process

All applications went through a process of screening against the eligibility criteria before they were then assessed by the Grants Committee against the selection criteria. The Grants Committee met to discuss the applications and agreed a final short-list of applications that were submitted to DFID with a recommendation for: a) approval; b) revision and re-assessment; and c) non-approval. Following the final decision, all applicants were provided with feedback on their application regardless of outcome of the assessment.

Due diligence

Before proceeding to the grant award, KPMG undertook due diligence on the lead organisations in line with DFID Smart Rules. The due diligence assessed if potential grantees meet minimum criteria for financial management and organisational capacity and covers:

  • Governance, risk management and internal controls;
  • Financial status, procurement and financial management;
  • Programmatic capability and readiness to deliver;
  • Oversight and management of implementing partners.

As a part of the due diligence process, any business implementing partners were also vetted by KPMG.


Grant award

The grant agreement is between the lead organisation and KPMG LLP.


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