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On this page you will find the latest news and updates on the Illegal Land Use Project.


"New Perspectives on Acquisitive Prescription" published!

Dr Björn Hoops and Dr Ernst Marais published the collection 'New Perspectives on Acquisitive Prescription' in July 2019. Many members of the research group contributed to this book. The essays in this collection deal with the requirements for an acquisition of land by acquisitive prescription or adverse possession, the societal functions of these institutions, the role of systems of land registration, and the desirability of compensation and other alternative remedies. See the website of the publisher for more information:

"Illegal Land Use in the Netherlands" published!

Dr Björn Hoops launched his book on "Illegal Land Use in the Netherlands" (The Hague: Boom Publishers) on November 26th, 2018. The book contains an overview of the law on acquisitions by prescription in the Netherlands and five case studies on the illegal use of municipal land. The final author's version can be downloaded at: 

Successful meeting of research group in Palermo

On November 23rd and 24th, 2018, the 24th meeting of the Common Core of European Private Law took place in Palermo. The research group working on the "Acquisition of Immovables through Long-Term Use" held a meeting there. The group adjusted the questionnaire and discussed the available reports. The manuscript of the book, including the reports and a comparative analysis, will be sent to the publisher in the second half of 2019. 

Empirical research on illegal land use in the Netherlands completed!

Dr Björn Hoops has completed five case studies on the illegal use of municipal land in the Netherlands. In the examined municipalities eight (case study V), 16% (case study IV), 18% (case study III), and 80% (case study I) of households respectively are involved in illegally using municipal land, mostly to extend their gardens or driveways. The results are now online and the author welcomes comments and suggestions. Follow the link:

Successful international conference on "New Perspectives on Acquisitive Prescription" in Groningen

On 10 and 11 May 2018 Dr Björn Hoops and Dr Ernst Marais (Johannesburg) hosted an international conference on illegal land use and acquisitive prescription (adverse possession). 20 speakers from 15 jurisdictions shared their insights on how illegal land users may acquire land ownership and compared the approaches in their countries. In summer 2019 Hoops and Marais will publish a collection of essays from this conference. Access the programme on the event page.


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