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Tanzania Policy Project


01/12 - 01/16


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The Tanzania SERA project assists both the Government of the Republic of Tanzania (GoT) and the private sector to enable a broad‐based, sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector through policy reform. The vision for this project is twofold: to improve the policy and regulatory environment for agriculture growth and to build a group of public sector institutions, advocacy organizations, and individuals capable of performing rigorous policy analysis and advocating for policy reform. Objectives Working closely with other donors in the country, the SERA project is contributing analysis that will help inform the Government of Tanzania’s land policy, particularly the land for equity model. This analysis is meant to support the implementation of land policies that protect smallholder rights while also enabling domestic and foreign investment under Government agricultural initiatives such as the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT). Expected Outcomes A Land Allocation and Compensation Study will inform Tanzanian government officials, other decision makers and stakeholders of land allocation and compensation approaches being used in Africa and beyond. The study will include a review of existing laws governing allocation and compensation of land in selected African countries (including Tanzania), examples of the various types of land allocation and compensation approaches being used in the region, and a review of best practices and innovative approaches being used in Africa or in other regions. Best practices in land valuation in the Africa region will also be identified and discussed.