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Community / Land projects / F.a: Coastal East Africa Regional Initiative

F.a: Coastal East Africa Regional Initiative


01/14 - 12/16


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The pressure on exploitation of natural resources and especially utilization of forests has increased sharply in Tanzania and Mozambique in recent years. Rising demand of food, energy and other commodities because of population growth and increase of illeg al logging have caused negative environmental and social issues. Particularly, because the land use planning and general management regarding the equitable use of natural resources has been weak. Another rapidly increasing pressure is the growth of large l and based investments including those in the forest sector with many involving expansion in plantation forests. Mozambique and Tanzania are particularly experiencing such large investments in a context where tenure rights are weak for communal land and ass ociated resources, despite their importance for livelihoods and adaptation to change, and the incidences of conflicts over land are rising. The aim of the programme is to strengthen civil society actors in influencing land investments and natural resources related decision making and policy in Tanzania and Mozambique as well as increase dialogue with annual seminars between Nordic investors and donors and the local stakeholders in CEA region to influence current and future investments, especially in the for estry sector, to be ecologically and socially responsible and beneficial to humans and the environment in Tanzania and Mozambique.Beneficiaries: The forest and community natural resource management forums and CSOs in Tanzania and Mozambique. Local communit ies with village forests in Tanzania and Mozambique. Implementor: WWF Coastal East Africa: partners:Tanzanian Natural Resources Forum http://www.mju Zambezia - Rural Association for Mutual Support, Mozambique

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