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Kenya Transition Initiative


01/08 - 01/13


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Kenya’s National Accord and Reconciliation Act of 2008 provided a framework for ending the cycle of political violence that erupted again after the 2007 elections and sought to address the causes of the crisis with a schedule of political and development reforms. Although USAID’s Office of Transition Iniaitives’ work in Kenya has touched on all the Agenda items, work through the Kenya Transition Initiative (KTI) aligned the most with the political and societal reforms outlined in Agenda Item 4, which involved addressing long-term issues. National Accord Agenda Items: Take immediate action to stop violence and restore fundamental rights and liberties Take immediate measures to address the humanitarian crisis, and promote healing and reconciliation Determine how to overcome the political crisis Address long-term issues, including constitutional and institutional reforms, land reforms, poverty and inequalities, youth unemployment, national cohesion, and transparency and accountability Objectives Research grants to inform KTI and civil society Technical guidance through USAID/Kenya, the US Embassy, and the Development Partners Group on Lands (DPGL) Support to build the capacity of local communities to address local land issues Outcomes Helped Provincial Administrations in the North Rift Valley, South Rift Valley, Central, South Nyanza, Eastern, Upper Eastern and Samburu North provinces to sponsor a series of local Peace Forums in targeted areas to bolster support among professional elites for the new Constitution and to mobilize community involvement in the referendum. Provided the Eldoret Chief Magistrates Court with case management software and training in a new e-registry system, which included indexing of archived files, expanding file storage space and training magistrates in the use of a new transcription system in order to maintain their efficiency gains. The work in the Eldoret Chief Magistrates Court initiated management changes and increased efficiency in the Kapsabet Court in Nandi Improved and modernized land registries in the Nakuru, Kitale, Kilifi, Kajiado, and Thika regions.