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Real Estate Registration Project


10/12 - 01/20


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The project aims to support development of a sustainable real estate registration system with harmonized land register and cadastre records in urban areas of both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska. Through real estate registration data development, the project will support land register and cadastre data harmonization on land, buildings and rights based on the actual situation in the field. The objective is to establish up-to-date and interlinked land register and cadastre databases, or integrated databases of real estate cadastre. The project will encourage and support the registration of legal rights in the land register (in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina [FBH]) or the real estate cadastre (in the Republika Srpska [RS]) using project produced data. Through real estate registration infrastructure development, the project will continue the Land Registration Project (LRP) work in improving working conditions and infrastructure in the cadastre offices across the country and in those few land registration offices in the FBH that were not targeted by LRP. The objective is to improve working conditions, which will help to improve the quality of customer services, the adherence to service standards developed during LRP, and staff morale. Access to basic surveying technologies will be provided to areas and offices that still rely on conventional methodologies, and sustainability of the recently installed Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) network will be assured. Information technology investments will lead to further interlinking between real estate registers and other public datasets making the data accessible online to a wide audience and in support of multiple uses. This will lead to the incremental provision of electronic online services and eventually to electronic conveyancing. Finally, the project will support policy and legal development to enhance sustainability of the real estate registration.

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