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Community / Land projects / Santa Catarina Rural Competitiveness

Santa Catarina Rural Competitiveness

Santa Catarina Rural Competitiveness


09/10 - 09/16


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The objective of the Project is to increase the competitiveness of Family Agriculture Producer Organizations while providing support for an improved framework of structural competitiveness inducing public services activities.

The project will support Family Agriculture Farms (FAFs) land tenure regularization. 3,000 FAFs will obtain land titles, which will facilitate creditworthiness and compliance with environmental legislation which requires land regularization to demarcate and establish –through notarization– a “legal reserve” in 20% of their farmland (“legal reserve” is a pre-requisite to credit). It will include: (i) qualification, quantification and georeferencing of target small farms; (ii) promotion of legal assistance to obtain land titling; and (ii) assistance to demarcate and notarize legal reserves.