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Second Land administration Project


05/12 - 07/16


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(The funding amount only reflects the support from Finland) The development objective of the Second Land Administration Project is to improve the design and implementation of the land registration system in the project area. There are three components to the project. The first component of the project is systematic land registration in the project area. This component will provide resources to the Palestinian Land Authority (PLA) to complete Systematic Land Registration (SLR) of at least 180,000 dunums of land in the West Bank to be implemented in two phases, and to develop their capacity to further implement SLR in the rest of the West Bank. The second component of the project is institutional strengthening of the PLA. This component will assist the PLA in implementing its mandate and, in particular, managing systematic land registration through institutional strengthening including provision of enabling technology and office modernization. The third component of the project is project management, monitoring and evaluation. This component supports the consultants for the Project Management Unit (PMU); incremental operating costs for the PMU; and project monitoring and evaluation. Remarks: Both Finland and World Bank will withdraw their support prematurely due to lack of results. The project was supposed to end in May 2017.

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