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África Oriental

It is increasingly recognised that pastoralism is essential for sustainable management and ecosystem health of dryland environments, yet natural resource management strategies are increasingly threatened by many different factors.

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Innerhalb Burmas, dem heutigen Myanmar, leben 2 Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht, Internally Displaced People (IDP) genannt. Auch viele Karen leben in den unzugänglichen Dschungelgebieten nahe der Grenze zu Thailand.

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The situation of internally displaced persons (hereinafter IDPs) around the glob is getting worse by the minute. The international community has responded by creating norms that ban the actions of belligerents (during armed conflicts) and States (in times of peace) which produce the unlawful displacement of people.

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Tools for humanitarian assistance..."For up-to-date relevant information including maps, contact list, initial assessment form and 3W data...3W maps/reports for 2012 can be found HERE.

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This report gives quantitative evidence in support of claims that there has been a large influx of Shans arriving
into northern Thailand during the past 6 years who are genuine refugees fleeing persecution and not simply
migrant workers. This data was based on interviews with 66,868 Shans arriving in Fang District of northern

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El tema elegido como objeto de estudio tiene como motivación el hecho que no existe suficiente investigación, a diferencia de lo que ocurre respecto a las comunidades campesinas y quienes viven en zonas periurbanas, que contenga un enfoque constitucional que analice la problemática del acceso al agua que tienen las comunidades nativas y los colectivos originarios que residen en la selva peruana

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If 2009 was the end of the hinterland and the beginning of a new globalized forest era, 2010 was a year of pushback. Worldwide, the news was full of reports of forest communities and Indigenous Peoples pushing back at land grabs and shaping policy at the national and global levels, and of governments countering and trying to contain community rights.

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