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Maio 2003

An executive summary and recommendations are followed by 5 chapters: on the land question, reform and farm workers; the scope and process of fast track reform; the impact of land reform on farm workers’ livelihoods; food security, vulnerable groups, HIV-AIDS and coping strategies; and after the ‘promised land’ – towards the future.

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Land use development and transformation in informal settlements have been taking place because informal settlements have been alternative way of providing affordable housing to low income people. Many governments use strict regulations to deny informal settlements from infrastructure services but in Tanzania informal settlements are provided with such services.

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In the early 1990s to date, the private sector has continued to gain momentum in urban planning and service delivery. Among others, the penetration of neo-liberal ideology in policies and legislations empowered the engagement of private sector in urban planning domain.

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The relationship between urban and rural areas has undergone great change in recent years. It is now often difficult to clearly define the borders between the two; instead we find a continuum ranging from agricultural zones to suburbs, informal settlements and urban centers.

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The settlements of informal origin in Colombia emerged as an alternative to access housing for the socially and economically vulnerable population due to the limited institutional opportunities to obtain a solution. Thus, the victims of the armed conflict have found in this modality of urbanization a refuge in the city as a result of the forced displacement and the poverty.

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