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Broken Home: Women's housing, land and property rights in post-conflict Iraq

Reports & Research
Abril, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women displaced by war remain unable to return to their homes because of systemic injustices that prevent them from proving or claiming ownership of their property.

New research by the Norwegian Refugee Council reveals that displaced women in Iraq are much worse off than men: they are 11 per cent more likely to face barriers impeding them from going back home after years of suffering in displacement camps since the end of the war against Islamic State group in their areas of origin.


Reports & Research
Fevereiro, 2020
Papua New Guinea

There is a growing consensus in the international community about the impact of the transformative power of urbanization. The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, containing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), consolidates our vision of urbanization as a tool, and an engine, for development, as reflected in SDG Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Avoiding Forced Displacement: A Community Guide to Negotiation and Advocacy (Southeast Asia Edition)

Manuals & Guidelines
Dezembro, 2019
South-Eastern Asia

This guide aims to help communities develop “interest-based” negotiation skills and understand how to use a range of tools to deal with the power imbalance between them and those trying to take their housing, land and resources. The guide may be useful to communities threatened with eviction as well as communities that are negotiating solutions for evictions already suffered. It encourages communities to develop a negotiation strategy that incorporates advocacy at key points in order to strengthen their position.

Unlocking Ethiopia's Urban Land and Housing Markets

Reports & Research
Setembro, 2019

Ethiopia’s rapidly growing urban centers are facing an unprecedented level of demand for urban land
and housing. How can Ethiopia supply urban land in an efficient and equitable fashion to accommodate
growing demand from industries and individuals for diverse uses? How can existing residents and
incoming migrants afford adequate shelter to survive and thrive in fast growing cities? The Ethiopia
Urban Land Supply and Affordable Housing Study aims to provide practical solutions to these


Village Land Management a few years on – what has changed?

Reports & Research
Junho, 2019

Since 2010, the GIZ Land Programme in Lao PDR has sought to improve the land tenure security of rural communities. The programme currently consists of three projects – the BMZ-commissioned Land Management and Decentralised Planning (LMDP) Project, the Enhanced Land Tenure Security (ELTeS) sub-project within a global programme on responsible land policy, as well as the German contribution to the Mekong River Land Governance (MRLG) Initiative.

Construyendo caminos de esperanza: Narrativas de jóvenes de la Amazonia colombiana

Policy Papers & Briefs
Março, 2019

Construyendo caminos de esperanza: Narrativas de jóvenes de la Amazonia colombiana

Andrea Susana Lopez Torres,

Luz Dary Sotto Carvajal, Luis Eduardo López Castro


Todos participan de la iniciativa “Semillero de Investigación Inti Wayra” desarrollada en la Universidad de la Amazonia, Caquetá, Colombia. Este ensayo obtuvo el primer lugar en la séptima versión del Concurso Alimentos y pensamiento siempre en agenda cuya temática propuesta fue “Historias de vida que sobreviven la violencia y persecución en el campo en Sudamérica”. 

Lessons Learned from Post-Earthquake Policy in Nepal

Reports & Research
Março, 2019

Displacement Solutions was approached and commissioned by DFID to carry out research on the housing, land and property rights issues arising from the reconstruction process, with an emphasis on the planned relocation aspects thereof. Displacement Solutions undertook a three-person mission to Nepal in November 2018 during which time extensive interviews were carried out, field visits made, and film footage taken for the production of a short documentary film which has since been completed.


Dezembro, 2018

Namibia is compelled to observe and to undertake efforts to realise the right to adequate housing, since it has ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1994.

Defenders Annual Report 2017

Reports & Research
Junho, 2018

This report, and our campaign, is dedicated to all those individuals, communities and organisations that are bravely taking a stand to defend human rights, their land, and our environment.

207 of them were murdered last year for doing just that. On these pages we remember their names, and celebrate their activism.

And we reiterate our resolve to stand alongside those who continue the struggle for a better world and shine a light on these issues which are too often hidden from sight.

You are not alone. Justice will be done.

Women’s Access to Land and Housing in Lesotho

Reports & Research
Junho, 2018

Women need secure access to and control of land in order to realise their human rights. In order for the women to realise their land and inheritance rights it is important for the policy makers to have in place mechanisms and institutions to guide practice. This report sets out the status of women’s land and inheritance rights in Lesotho. The aim is to provide a consolidated baseline which can inform policy making, implementation and monitoring.


Islamic principles and land Opportunities for Engagement

Journal Articles & Books
Maio, 2018

This booklet arises from GLTN’s work on Islamic dimensions of land which began in 2004 with the commissioning of research leading to Sait and Lim’s “Land, Law and Islam: Property and Human Rights in the Muslim World” (London: Zed Press/UN-Habitat, 2006). Based on this research a training course on “Islamic Land, Principles and Housing Rights in the Muslim World” has been produced in 2010. This booklet was translated into Arabic language in 2014

Housing in Namibia: The challenges and prospects for adequate future provision

Maio, 2018

The current paper derives from work conducted in the context of the Revision of the Mass Housing Development

Programme (MHDP) that the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) commissioned to the Integrated

Land Management Institute (ILMI) at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). The paper

contains only publicly-available information and was prepared for public dissemination of issues related to the

work undertaken for the Ministry in the context of this project.