Utilization of agricultural and forestry resources in Central Guatemalan Highlands: a case study | Land Portal

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Novembro 2011
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This paper analyses some key findings emerged in the study of the Mayan community of S. Jos Sinach, located in the Guatemalan Highlands. The research highlights how colonial and post-colonial legislation influences the actual land tenure and hampers the development of the community. Little land ownership together with high demographic growth lead to insufficient crop production. As a consequence, human pressure on S. Jos forest and seasonal migration to sugar cane plantations of the Pacific Coast is carried out by householders in order to ensure subsistence to their families. A multisectorial approach must be implemented in order to give socio-economical and environmentally sound answers. New cropping and agroforestry techniques have to be coupled with the reformation of land property distribution and the participation of indigenous communities to decisional processes.

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Focacci M
Piussi P
Ciampi G


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