What Women Do in War Time: Gender and Conflict in Africa | Land Portal

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Janeiro 1998
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What is the legacy of armed conflict on the roles and experiences of women in Africa? This collection of reports, testimonies and analyses portrays the diverse experiences of women all over Africa who have lived through civil wars, apartheid, genocide and gendered political violence such as rape. Contributions include discussions of violence against women in Rwanda, Chad and Liberia; the involvement of and impact on women of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission; and the increase in violence against women caused by the proliferation of SALW. A link is drawn between the colonial past of most African nations and the ongoing civil wars. These weak states are unable to enforce international human rights conventions that would otherwise protect women. The collection catalogues the abuses sustained by women and also outlines some of the ways in which women have mobilised, including their lobbying activities for greater involvement in the process of peace-building.

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M. Turshen (ed) C. Twagiramaruya (ed)

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