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Biblioteca Decree-law No. 16 of 1980 on land valuation.

Decree-law No. 16 of 1980 on land valuation.

Decree-law No. 16 of 1980 on land valuation.

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This Decree-law concerns the land valuation system based on the complex effect of climatic features and soil quality as featured in the national uniform soil map. Land valuation procedures are to be applied to agricultural land and forests in the outskirts and in closed gardens and to large-scale cultivation in urban land. The Minister supervises land valuation through the executive board of county (capital) councils. Territorially competent land administration offices have first-level jurisdiction. Land quality should be determined on the basis of samples. Soil is classified into 100 categories according to quality. The quality class number should be registered in the real estate register. Annex 1 sets out the Soil Valuation Table for the determination of quality categories. Annex 3 determines the climatic category of each commune, and Annex 4 provides the correction table of climatic categories. When classifying land these criteria should be considered.

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