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Biblioteca Laws of Tuvalu Act 1987 (Cap. 1.06).

Laws of Tuvalu Act 1987 (Cap. 1.06).

Laws of Tuvalu Act 1987 (Cap. 1.06).
An Act to declare what constitutes the Laws of Tuvalu; and for connected purposes.

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This Act concerns law in general applicable in Tuvalu and gives a definition of customary law and other sources of law. The Act also defines powers of the Attorney-General in relation to applied law.Customary law comprises the customs and usages, existing from time to time, of the natives of Tuvalu. Schedule 1 to this Act has effect with respect to the determination and recognition of customary law. Customary law may be applied, among other things, to: questions relating land and the produce of land, including rights of hunting on, or gathering, or taking minerals, from, native land; (b) the ownership by custom of rights in, over or in connection with any area of the territorial sea or any lagoon, inland waters or foreshore, or in or on the seabed, including rights of navigation, fishing or gathering; and (c) the ownership by custom of water, or of rights in, over or to water.

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