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Biblioteca Law on Land Expropriation.

Law on Land Expropriation.

Law on Land Expropriation.

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This Law regulates land expropriation for public use purposes.The Council of Minister shall expropriate land totally or partly for public purposes such as: the construction of manufacturing institutions, highways, pipelines sewerage canalizations; and mining and extraction from underground reservoirs.Compensations shall be provided for land expropriation and they shall include: the price of lands which shall be determined by the Council of Ministers; the price for constructions located on the land which shall be determined by a committee of Kabul Municipality; and the price for any fruit bearing or ornamental trees which shall be determined by the municipality and the administration of agriculture. Land plots of the same value of the expropriated land may also be distributed to the owner upon his agreement instead of paying compensation.Emirate lands may be used for public purposes without compensation.

Amended by: Presidential Decree of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan concerning modification of a series of articles of the Law on Land Expropriation. (2005-04-03)

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