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Biblioteca Law on agricultural land.

Law on agricultural land.

Law on agricultural land.

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Julho 2009
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This Law establishes: definitions, basic principles and management, protection, use, development, data collection, supervision, as well as other important issues related to agricultural land on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Agricultural land is a natural resource of common interest, that enjoys special protection, used for agricultural production and may not be used for other purposes, except in cases and under conditions here established.The major objectives of this Law are the: adoption of sustainable principles, production capacity and management improvement, harmonization of interests of all stakeholders in the use of agricultural land as part of economic and political development of the country.This Law is divided into XI Chapters and 149 articles, including the offences and related penalties.

Implemented by: Regulation on method and methods of attestation/control of agricultural mechanization. (2017-12-25)
Implemented by: Regulation on the manner and methods of attestation/inspection of agricultural machinery. (2016-12-14)
Implemented by: Regulation on the content and format of forms and methods of keeping records on agricultural land. (2009-10)

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