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Biblioteca Law No. 742-IV “On smallholding”.

Law No. 742-IV “On smallholding”.

Law No. 742-IV “On smallholding”.

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Maio 2003
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This Law defines the legal, organizational, economic and social principles of conducting smallholding activity. Smallholding (individual peasant farm) shall be a business activity that is carried out without the creation of a legal entity by an individual or by family members or relatives that live together in order to meet their personal needs through the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products, vending of its surpluses and the provision of services using the property of a private peasant farm, also in the field of rural green tourism. Members of the private peasant economy carry out activities at their discretion and risk within the established legal economic order, observing the requirements of this Law, the laws of Ukraine, and other normative legal acts. Activity related to the conduct of a private peasant farm (smallholding) shall not be considered entrepreneurial activity. Family farms (smallholders) shall be subject to registration. Agricultural land area dimensions of a single family farm (smallholding) shall not exceed 2, 0 ha that can be transferred to natural persons in ownership or on lease. It also establishes the rights and the duties of family farm members.

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