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Agosto 2013
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The document is structured in three
parts covering the key thematic areas of water supply
service delivery, sanitation service delivery, and overall
policy. Each part describes a series of different actions
that can be taken to improve service delivery to low-income
communities, outlines key lessons and challenges and
identifies the principles of good practice. This project is
aimed at developing a better understanding of the conditions
necessary for water and sanitation services to reach
low-income communities. It sought to build on the knowledge
and experience of the various actors currently involved in
delivering or supporting these services. One of the main
observations of the authors is that there is never just one
solution to any particular problem. Within each country
context, the key to a successful strategy lies in the
capacity of practitioners working in the water and
sanitation sector to innovate and to adapt solutions to
address local constraints and opportunities. This document
aims to: (i) describe the challenges facing service delivery
to low-income urban communities; (ii) outline key principles
that guide water and sanitation sector practitioners in the
delivery of services to the urban poor; and (iii) provide
tangible examples from a range of sub-saharan African
countries to illustrate these principles and challenges.

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Water Utility Partnership for Capacity Building (WUP) Africa


The Water Utility Partnership (WUP) for Capacity Building is a partnership organisation founded by the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS) and the International Training Network Centers in Africa – CREPA and TREND. Following a consultative meeting on institutional reform in the Water Sector held in Johannesburg in 1996, WUP was established to address key challenges facing utilities and their partners in the region. The primary constituency for WUP is the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS), a membership association of utilities in Africa.

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